Drivers who have used on-board long battery life gps tracker for trailer all know that in some GPS processes, due to many reasons, the actual geographic location of the car is different from the geographic location displayed on the GPS map, and a certain error occurs. Some are one or two hundred meters, some are more. What Concais wants to tell everyone is that the geographic location of the long battery life gps tracker for trailer is wrong. As long as it is not outrageous, everything is normal. Then someone must ask, what is the normal range of error values ​​for everything?

First, the error range of military and civilian

The long battery life gps tracker for trailer is divided into civilian type and military type. The military type has particularly high requirements on accuracy, so the biggest gap between this type of tracker is one meter. And the civil vehicle long battery life gps tracker for trailer is all normal and the error value is within 10 meters under the condition of no interference, the error within this range is all normal.

2. Reasons for disturbing the accuracy of long battery life gps tracker for trailer

The locator is an electronic device. The GPS vehicle locator operates outdoors all the year round, so it will face the influence of the driving environment such as weather conditions and urban environment, which will increase the geographic location error on the map.

In addition to weather conditions, the positioning accuracy of the long battery life gps tracker for trailer is also related to the region, landform, positioning method or duration. Like common underground parking lots and remote mountainous areas, the accuracy of GPS positioning will be much worse than that in urban areas.

In addition, there are two key points that drivers often overlook:

First, when the car has been parked in a geographical location for a long time, this time period means that it has been more than a week or more. When the car is used again and moves, the repeated refresh of the car map location information will occur. There is a brief delay of a few minutes. This also explains what some drivers said in online queries, "It is clear that the car has been driven for tens of meters, but the positioning remains unchanged."

Second, when you use GPS navigation and positioning, you will see the distance between points on the map. One of the points is the current position of the car, and the other point is the reference. If the reference object is selected differently, the spacing and guidance will be different, which is one of the reasons why there is an error with the driver's expected end position.

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