Although BBQ grills are as popular as ever, it is crucial to maintain your grills and to know how to clean them properly. Here are the tips for clean and maintain your BBQ Grill Mesh Mat


When cleaning a charcoal grill, you need first empty the ashes from the grill, and to wash the grill and its components with an abrasive cleaner or detergent. Use a vinegar or oil solution to clean your oil grates Once this is done, you can start cleaning it with a scrubber brush or with an antibacterial cleaner. Do not forget to wipe down the grill completely before using it.

If you have a ceramic grill, you want to first place something under the draft door to empty the ashes from the grill in. Next, you want to remove the cooking and fire grate and using a handheld vacuum, remove the ashes from that area. Also, be sure to remove all components and clean them from ash residue as well. Use a brush to remove any food that has gotten stuck in the grates or on the pit, and then apply canola or peanut oil to all surfaces to prevent corrosion. You should also do this when you are finished grilling so that your grades do not become unclean.

Additional Grill Maintenance Tips

If your grill sits on pavement, place a tarp or a Txyicheng grill mat underneath it to catch debris, grease and food.

Give your grill a thorough cleaning at least twice a year. If you grill frequently, a good rule of thumb is every 5 to 10 uses. Not cleaning a dirty grill can shorten its lifespan.

Never place a grill in a garage, breezeway, carport or under any flammable surface. Keep your grill at least 10 feet from the house.

Always store LP containers upright in a secure position and never store them in your car.

Keeps kids and pets away from a hot grill, just as you would a hot stove.

Always light a gas grill with the lid open.

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