As we all know, in the latest version of NBA 2K, players will start a new journey using game modes such as MyCareer and MyPark. Currently NBA 2K22 is finally released, and countless gamers are transforming from last year's championship title.

With the emergence of each new game, the NBA 2K series will grow in terms of features and mechanics. For example, compared with last year's championship, NBA 2K22 has more badges, which means players will have more choices. Badges are privileges and they are used to Buy NBA 2K22 MT enhance the player's abilities. Badges are also divided into subcategories ranging from bronze to hall of fame. Although all badges have their own flashing moments, some almighty can use them in various situations.

When the player is on the offensive side, it is important to dribble the ball forward on the court. Quick Chain Badge makes it easier to perform back-to-back dribbling. Combining the Quick Chain badge with other badges that provide an endurance advantage usually produces the best results, because the player's player will need extra juice.

The organizer will try to pass the ball to teammates who are in the open for a clear shot. Once the player passes the ball, it depends on the talent of the receiver to score. With Dimer Badge, organizers can increase the shooting percentage of open shooters. Once the player is equipped with the Dimer badge on the organizer, the player passing from the half court will increase the chance of the open shooter scoring, thereby increasing the player's assist rate in the process.

Losing the defender will be the main goal of most organizers. Players need to get rid of the defender's defense to make a decent pass, and dribbling will be the key to this. The Quick First Step Badge allows the ball holder to launch faster after size adjustment or triple threats. If the NBA 2K22 MT player wants to be more flexible in attack, this badge will be indispensable.

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