In the Western version of Lost Ark, some characters may end up less frequently, while others will have different races, but monetization is likely to end up predatory. Lost Ark has successfully attracted fans in Europe and North America, but these fans may be disappointed by the products they eventually get. Please visit MMOWTS to find out more about Lost Ark.

The game’s beta testing revealed some changes that Amazon Game Studio has prepared for Western audiences, and they have caused controversy. For example, changes to the beginner's armor will not satisfy those who want a revealing character. Most players may be happy to have a modified armor, which actually appears to protect one or two body parts.

Another character-related change is that many NPCs have different skin colors, which is a bit strange because Lost Ark is not a colorless character at first. In addition, the beta version did not provide players with the last layer of affection for certain characters, that is, the place where romantic encounters occur and nude cutscenes are provided. Please follow for the latest news about Lost Ark.

This is where the really bad part begins, because the game will still feature pay-to-win mechanisms that make people work hard to spend money. Although P2W elements will appear in the form of "time saving", AGS does point out that they want to change the degree of monetization to distinguish it from the Eastern version.