Lost Ark is the latest ARPG that has captured the attention of dungeon crawler fans with its epic boss battles, deep character customization, and powerful classes. While the game has been out in South Korea since 2018, the wildly popular game is finally making its way to Western audiences. The Western version of Lost Ark will officially launch on February 11, 2022.

Players who have played Diablo might want to give Smilegate's action game a try, especially since it includes many interesting mechanics and unique playstyles. However, many Lost Ark Gold players will wonder if Lost Ark is free to play. Lost Ark is completely free and requires no subscription service. Those looking to dive into Smilegate's ARPG can do so without paying a cent.

However, for those looking to get a head start and get some extra goodies, the developers have put together some Lost Ark Founders Packs that players can purchase. While Lost Ark is completely free, the game has a number of Founders Packs that can be pre-purchased. They start from Bronze and go all the way to Platinum, each granting different in-game items and resources.

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