Most of us share this beautiful planet called earth! And most of us are equally responsible to save lots of it by doing every little bit we can. The easiest way to get this done is using eco friendly products.

As it pertains to the home decor, we could buy wood home furniture that is eco-friendly. I'll tell you how exactly to go green together with your furniture wood but before knowing some suggestions about buying eco friendly furniture, it is useful to know in what ways furniture affects environment and how we could minimize this environmental pollution by going for green furniture?

What is Green Furniture?

Most of us know that furniture wood is a forest product. Many trees are harvested so you can get that fine wood for your home and office furniture. However, green furniture is not green because it originates from forests but it's green in the sense of its being eco-friendly. old chair for sale in bangladesh

Furniture is considered eco-friendly based on its impact on the environment. How a wood is harvested and to what extent this plays a role in forest depletion, whether it has eco-friendly upholstery onto it, how much chemicals and toxic paints etc. are utilized in making them, how it'll affect the surrounding air quality- all contribute in defining a furniture as eco friendly. Whenever a wood furniture causes minimum deforestation, uses non toxic materials for finishes and do not pollute your home environment, it is called an eco-friendly wood furniture.